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                         Congratulations, Dianne. For anyone who hasn’t read it, I can recommend the book highly.

Nik Morton-Editor in Chief: Solstice Publishing

I second everything Nik said, it’s fabulous!
Martina Mercer-Lead Editor: Solstice Publishing

This is as near as I have come to someone else’s beatingheart.

Donald Ford

This story is a high adrenaline read and it is one that messes with your mind.

Joel M. Andre

Alex hovers on the edge of the bridge as images of torture and death crash into his mind. He walks a tightrope, never sure on which side of sanity he’ll fall. He doesn’t know why the murder victims are revealed to him, though he guesses it’s because he’s escaped the killer once himself. He hears their cries for help, but even with the aide of Oakton’s police chief, he’s always one step behind the killer. He grows desperate as the lives of those closest to him are threatened. When his visions lead him to separate crime scenes, Alex becomes the prime suspect in the gruesome murders. To clear himself, he must find the killer. He has to stop him before he can strike again, perhaps in Alex’s own home. At the risk of losing everything, he must take the final, terrifying step into the killer’s mind.

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